Kinetic Poetry Collection

Calling Aspiring Poets

Have you ever thought of putting your poetry in motion literally? How about adding a soundtrack? Well, I decided to try my hand at it after visiting a website where kinetic poetry was displayed.

I discovered that text animation tools range from simple to complex in terms of navigation. Much to my dismay, I found online tools far too advanced for my skills set. Exasperated, I still wanted to go forward. As a novice, I turned to PowerPoint animations and progressed to Animoto because these do not require encoding. Lo and behold, I was off to a not-so-grand start.

I’m still working on the project and invite you to view my kinetic poetry collection. Click on the title for a brief preview, then browse at your leisure by clicking on the links and view in full screen. Transcripts of my poems as originally written may be read here.

What Will You Do?

Visit someone on Union Avenue

Go to Ruby’s Church

Tour house at #9 China Street   

Catch Open Mic

Travel to The Azores

Visit Cemetery

I encourage you to try your hand at electronic poetry. You may like it!

PowerPoint created videos generated by Animoto: Union Avenue, How to Keep Quiet in Church, Open Mic, and City Cemetery & Cedar Hill

Animoto created videos & music: 10-31-2002 at #9 East China Street, Meet Me in The Azores, and What Would You Like to Do?

Microsoft and Animoto stock images; others courtesy of Pinterest

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